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User Policy

This is a statement of the terms of use for the website of Kitasato Microbial Library (KML).

On the KML website ( ) we offer the service of providing information about our microorganisms and products (the “Service”). We ask that you use this website in accordance with these terms of use. Furthermore, by using the Service it will be deemed that you consent to these terms of use. Since the contents of these terms of use are subject to change without notice when necessary, when using the Service please check this page for the latest version of the terms of use.

I. Use of the Service

  1. Users shall use the Service in a manner consistent with all relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Use of the Service requires access to the web. Users shall at their own expense and liability arrange for the necessary equipment, software and communications means, and shall properly connect and operate them so as to gain access to the web.
  3. At the present time there is no use fee for using the Service but KML does not waive its right to impose one in the future.
  4. KML reserves the right to add to, change and/or delete portions of the contents of the Service in the future, and in such cases shall have no liability whatsoever toward users.
  5. KML does not warrant in any way the reliability of its provision of the Service, the results of access to it or the like.
  6. For the purpose of maintaining this website (including emergency maintenance), the Service may be suspended without prior notice.
  7. KML forbids users from using any portion of the Service provided on this website, the use of the Service or access to the Service for commercial purposes.

II. Links

  1. As a rule, Internet websites may link to the KML website without seeking the permission of KML. However, linking will be refused in cases such as when we deem that the contents of the linked website disturb the public order or morals or violate a law or regulation.
  2. Basically, links to this website should be displayed on the top page of the main site.

III. Handling of Personal Information, etc.

Personal information such as names and e-mail addresses that we obtain through users' use of the Service will be handled pursuant to the rules of the “Privacy Policy” posted elsewhere on this website.

IV. Handling of Intellectual Property Rights

Users of the Service shall respect the intellectual property rights of KML about the information shown on this website.

V. Indemnification of KML

Users themselves shall, at their own expense and liability, resolve any complaints and claims that may arise in connection with a user's use of the Service, connection to the Service, violation of these terms of use or infringement by the user of a third party's rights, and KML shall have absolutely no liability or responsibility with respect to any such complaints or claims. Furthermore, in the event KML incurs any expenses (including the payment of compensation for damages) related to dealing with any such complaints or claims, the relevant user shall be liable for those expenses.

VI. Communications and Contacts with Users

If a user has provided KML with an e-mail address, when it is necessary to communicate with or contact the user, as a rule KML will do so by e-mail.

VII. Other Provisions

  1. These terms of use shall be interpreted under and governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. In the event that a dispute arises between KML and a user in connection with this website, the Service or these terms of use, both parties shall exert their best efforts to resolve the matter in a mutually satisfactory way.